Vritika shared her dream and the internet flooded her with support and love!

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 "I am going to make my own film.." says Vritika as she decided to share her vision with the internet and received support from everyone online in return. 

What happens when someone decides to share their dream with strangers online to make it happen one day? It looks like the internet does everything to show its support for this dream. In other news of everything positive about the internet, an Instagram user and aspiring filmmaker, Vritika, shared her dream, and the netizens' reactions have proven that there is still good in the world. 

Vritika is a small-time filmmaker and a growing part of the entertainment world. She has been assisting directors and, as she puts it, ‘bringing other’s vision to life’ for a while now. After years of being part of different teams, she decided to take matters into her own hands and become a leader herself. We all wish for our dreams to become a reality and often make small efforts towards it. Manifesting is a major part of it, and saying it out loud feels like a big step on its own. Viritika decided to take that big step and post a video as digital evidence of making her filmmaker dream happen. In the video, she says, "I am going to make my own film. I don't have a script; I don't have a team. But I am done assisting on other people's vision. So this is me manifesting that I am going to make a film this year." The video, which feels like a brave step on her part, has been receiving positive feedback from people online. 

Here's the video:

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Ever since she posted the video, the comments have flooded with people showing their support for her. While actor Prit Kamani offered to be part of her film if he fit the cast, Yashraj Mukhate was open to making music for the same. Meanwhile, Arjun Kanungo helped her with a music direction opportunity. Humans Of Cinema was more than happy to watch and promote the film for her and Loui Skovgaard wrote, 'The world needs your films' and encouraged her to keep dreaming. The future director went on to share her thoughts on the support she has been receiving and give people a glimpse of her progress with everyone online. 

If this isn't the best thing on the internet, we don't know what is!

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