From Zakir Khan's TV debut to Arjun Kanungo's latest hit featuring Juhi Bhatt, this weekly roundup has a little bit of everything

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From thrilling debuts and chart-topping music to exclusive interviews and more, this weekly roundup has all the deets!

Comedian Zakir Khan is all set to make his television debut with a new show titled “Aapka Apna Zakir” on Sony. The show promises an engaging experience with a mix of humor, poetry, and life lessons! To mark Social Media Day, Her Circle launched the #HerVoiceMatters campaign to shed some light on the influence of content creators where creators like Malvika Sitlani, Anushka Rathod, Saloni Kukreja, Simran Balarjain and Sejal Kumar shared their experiences. Meanwhile, in an exciting collaboration with Marvel India, Dhruv Shah and Shyam Sharma had the opportunity to interview Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds about their upcoming film, Wolverine and Deadpool.

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Here's everything that took place over the last week!

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