Ankush Bahuguna announces the trailer launch of ‘Wing it with Ankush Season 2’ in collaboration with Lakme India

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Wing it with  Ankush Season 2

Creator and actor Ankush Bahuguna announces the trailer launch of ‘Wing it with Ankush Season 2’ in collaboration with Lakme India.

After craving a niche in the beauty space with makeup videos on YouTube and Instagram, content creator and actor Ankush Bahuguna announces the trailer launch of Season 2, of his popular one-of-a-kind makeup show, 'Wing it with Ankush.' Building on the success of Season 1, the highly anticipated new season ups the ante with an exciting & diverse lineup of known faces, including actor & singer Shruti Haasan, actress & director Shriya Pilgaonkar, Indian YouTuber and actress Prajakta Koli, and LGBTQ activist & drag queen Sushant Divgikar, along with a very special guest - one of Ankush’s followers as the showstopper for the season.

Ankush's journey into the beauty and skincare industry which set off during the lockdown, displays his spectacular ability to adapt and thrive in a changing landscape. His versatility as a creator contributes to his success. The way he seamlessly blends comedy, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion in his content speaks of his creative prowess. This eclectic mix not only keeps his content fresh and engaging but also caters to a diverse audience with varied interests.

From a man who dons multiple hats, of a creator, an actor, and a beauty influencer, ‘Wing it with Ankush' comes as a passion project, where Ankush authentically and wholeheartedly chronicles his journey and experiments with cosmetics, all while infusing an element of fun into the process. What initially started as a makeup-focused video concept has now evolved into a full-fledged beauty show. ‘Wing it with Ankush’, Season 1 which featured prominent creators and actors like Kusha Kapila and Sheeba Chaddha was well-received by the audience. 

His fame and popularity as a versatile content creator and beauty influencer in the country are testaments to his talent and the connection has developed and nurtured with his forever-growing royal fanbase. Winning prestigious awards & accolades in the beauty domain twice in succession and being on the cover of a mainstream business publication not only highlights Ankush's acclaim but also underscores the impact of his content in the beauty and skincare community. Being chosen as a muse for designers at India's biggest fashion week and collaborating with leading brands in the country further solidifies his position as a beauty influencer. Ankush's content being ‘earthy, relatable, and approachable’ evidently implies that he has managed to maintain a genuine connection with his followers. 

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'Wing it with Ankush, Season 2' is launching on a bigger scale and aims to establish a replicable ecosystem of amusing makeup videos for his followers.  This new season guarantees a delightful blend of tête-à-tête, love, and entertainment, alongside a generous dose of beauty hacks ensuring an enjoyable experience for the viewers. 

A frontrunner in creating approachable, fun-to-consume, and easy-to-implement beauty content, Ankush's effortlessly engaging and light-hearted beauty content has captured the hearts of the viewers on his YouTube channel, boasting over half a million subscribers and amassing a following of close to 2 million on Instagram. 

Catch the trailer of 'Wing it with Ankush, Season 2' here - 

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Wing it with Ankush Season 2 Wing it with Ankush Wing it with Ankush Season 2 trailer