Try out these soul-hugging Creme Brulee recipes

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Creme Brulee

Check out these classic and easy Creme Brulee recipes that one should try at home.

What is the best part of any meal? Well, nothing in major. Every part is the best because we never distinguish when it comes to food. But, if we still need to choose, then we all know there is nothing more divine than the desserts. Finishing a good wholesome meal with an amazing dessert is the ultimate foodgasm we all need. It gives a sweet end to the entire course of the meal. Among the numerous cuisines, the french cuisines are always very fancy and lip-smacking. They may have various food that is complicated to pronounce but make up for a great meal satisfying every appetite. Their desserts are also something we all appreciate. The heavenly Creme Brulee is one such dessert item that never fails to bring happiness in our face.

Creme Brulee or Crème brûlée as it is pronounced is not that complicated as it may sound. It is one of the most simple, easy and creamiest desserts to make. With a creamy custard that is smooth, topped with a crispy layer of caramel is every person with a sweet tooth's dream. It is fancy and dreamy. We have made a list of Creme Brulee recipes that will help you try it at home.

Check out these Creme Brulee recipes:

Classic Creme Brulee

3- ingredient Creme Brulee

Professional Creme Brulee recipe

Creme Brulee without oven

4- ingredient Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee without a torch

Creme Brulee cheesecake

Creme Brulee with chocolate

Vegan Creme Brulee

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