Cricketer Harbhajan Singh posted on Twitter wondering whether Indians need a vaccine against Coronavirus and got mercilessly trolled for lack of logic.

We all have that one uncle in the family who believes fake information (ahem WhatsApp forwards ahem) and shares it on social media with utmost confidence. Cricketer Harbhajan Singh did the same and faced the wrath of the internet. Recently, the cricketer took to Twitter to share that Indians don’t need a vaccine against coronavirus with some stats and a flawed logic attached to them.

Take a look:

Now, the Indian recovery rate being 93.6% means out of all people infected with COVID-19, only 6.4% of people are at the risk of dying. On the other hand, 94.5% accuracy of the vaccine means that out of all the people who take the vaccine, only 5.5% stand prone to the virus regardless. The accuracy of a vaccine and the recovery rate is not the same thing and cannot be compared.

Twitter was dumbfounded due to the absence of logic. Within minutes, Twitterati unleashed their sarcasm at the cricketer.

Here are some of the hilarious tweets and analogies that fans used to explain the logic to Harbhajan:

Are you feeling bad for poor Harbhajan yet or laughing out loud at the responses?

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