Take a look at this list of Cybercrimes based movies and shows that will keep your thrills up.

With increasing technology, the number of crimes online also increases. There have always been movies and shows that depict and talk about various crimes and issues managing to leave the audiences hooked to it. While murders, kidnapping and cartels always excited us, one thing that made this experience of watching thrillers even more exciting is hacking. Watching some nerd or a young man mostly in hoody hack servers and mess or find information is cool and scary at the same time. Over the years there have been movies that talk about the world of cybercrimes. We have made a list of such cybercrimes based movies and shows.

Check out these cybercrimes based movies and shows:


Happy New Year

Micky Virus

Irumbu Thira

Arima Nambi



The Matrix

Unfriended: Dark Web

Charlie’s Angels (2000)

Catch Me If You Can

Live Free or Die Hard




Enemy of the State


Jamtara (Netflix)

Black Mirror (Netflix)

Don’t Fuck With Cats (Netflix)

Unit 42 (Netflix)

Mr Robot (Prime)

Person Of Interest

CSI: Cyber



Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Cyber Attacks

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