Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you should definitely try out these Dalgona dessert recipes while you have time on your hands!

We all know by now what a Dalgona coffee is. Thanks to the longgg quarantine and TikTok for making it the biggest trend. Dalgona coffee started making rounds on the internet with people becoming all excited and curious to know what it is. Many joined the trend (because why not) and tried the coffee at home. Apart from the fact that this is a popular TikTok/Instagram trend do you actually know what Dalgona is? Dalgona is actually a sugary toffee that has a sponge-like texture to it. This popular Korean toffee is also known as Honeycomb toffee, sponge toffee or cinder toffee. While we all are very keen on making the famous Dalgona coffee, there are a number of other dishes/desserts you can make with Dalgona. We have made a list of all the Dalgona dessert recipes one can make. Also, it’s never too late to start a new trend, right?

Take a look at these Dalgona dessert recipes:

Dalgona cake

Dalgona candy

Dalgona matcha

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 Dalgona coffee jelly

Dalgona and salted caramel cupcake

Dalgona Cheesecake

Dalgona ice cream sandwich

Dalgona/Honeycomb Cadbury crunchie bar

So, which recipe will you try out?