Check out how Dan Levy, co-creator of Schitt’s Creek, reacted after the Indian branch of the global entertainment media Comedy Central decided to censor a same-sex kiss on the show.

Schitt’s Creek is a popular show that has made it to the top favourites of viewers because of its entertaining and inclusive storyline, characters and screenplay. It gained all the more attention recently as it swept a number of Emmy Awards. The characters in the show are peculiar in their own ways and yet so relatable to their audiences. The show has several characters and their respective love interests on the show but the one pair that fans absolutely love is that of David Rose and Patrick Brewer played by Dan Levy and Noah Reid respectively. While Noah plays a gay character, David is shown to be pansexual, meaning he is attracted to people regardless of their sex, gender, or gender identity. Through their pair and through their individual journies, the show has created inclusive content taking on-screen representation a few steps forward in the right direction. And it has done so without being preachy but through genuine emotions and situations.

While the show is known to set a bar and as a way to normalise the portrayal of various sexualities onscreen and on primetime, Comedy Central India’s act of censoring one of the scenes has left Dan Levy and the fans of the show upset and rightfully so.  What is irksome about this particular censorship is that, the Channel had no qualms about showing two women, as well as a man and a woman, sharing a kiss. They only chose to censor the part where Ted Mullens (Dustin Milligan) kisses David (Dan Levy). Dan called out the channel for the same on Twitter pointing out how censoring gay intimacy was against the whole idea of creating the show.

Here’s the censored scene:

Here is Dan Levy’s reaction on Twitter:

People reacted to the same in support of Dan and the show:

@danjlevy maybe we should just help them out!

— Mysti Dinger (@midid) October 6, 2020

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