Mumbai cop Amol Kamble is a hero on and off-duty

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Amol Kamble

If you still haven't seen the videos of this dancing Mumbai cop, Anmol Kamble, then check out this list of some of his videos that will make you fall in love with him.

Watching our favorite actors beat the goons and protect the law while rocking the police uniform has us rooting for them and it also made us appreciate our unsung heroes. As much as we loved watching movies like Simbaa, we know that IRL, you don't find cops dancing on the streets. Guess we got that wrong though! The internet is going bonkers over a Mumbai police officer who can protect the law and also rock the dance floor. Officer Amol Kamble has created his own fan base on the internet with his videos.

A havaldar for over 17 years now, Amol Kamble has made sure to continue with his hobby despite his tiring job. His love for dancing has continued to grow over the years. The officer never misses a chance to shake a leg whenever his favorite beat drops. The officer who calls himself an artist on Instagram manages to put a smile on our faces with his videos. He took over the internet when one of his dancing videos went viral online. This video that went viral was him danced to 'Aya Hain Raja' from the Appu Raja movie along with another content creator, Chinmay Khedekar. Amok Kamble now has more than 29K followers on Instagram and makes it a point to keep sharing his incredible dancing videos often.

Check out some of his videos!

We have truly become fans of this real-life Simbaa!

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