Check out what Debasree and Neha Nagar have to say on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

Women have changed the way they’re perceived over the years. The stereotype and the stigma that was imposed upon them have been broken down by them. There was a time when women were not considered capable of holding powerful positions or running a business. But over the years, we’ve seen incredible women holding important positions and changing the course of business with their efforts. These women have paved a way for young girls to dream high, to work towards them, and to never give up on them. Content creation is another field that has seen women excel and share their insights on topics making everyone’s everyday easy. While they continue to entertain us with the kind of content they share, some of them are also using their ability to manage and run their own business. Indian content creators Neha Nagar and Debasree are two such women who’ve showcased their creative and business abilities over the years. Today, they share their experiences with us.

Debasree is known for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. With the increase in awareness and varied interests people have in this day and age, a huge part of the beauty industry is also evolving with more cruelty-free and vegan brands making their way to our shelves. Adding to this range of beauty products the creator launched her own brand called, Debasreee™️.

Neha Nagar is known to share her valuable insights on finance and thoughtful investment. We’ve seen her share her ideas and opinions to help us make careful financial choices. She launched her own venture called the which provides people with income and financial solutions.

We spoke to these creators about their decision to launch their own business and their experience managing it.

Here’s what they shared:

Debasree: “The idea behind the brand was to break definitions and make colours more acceptable! And also creating a line that was gender-inclusive, sustainable, and economical. It’s been extremely challenging managing it alongside the content I create but it’s fun, as you keep learning something new every single day.”

Neha Nagar, Founder and CEO of and digital content creator, “I was that kid who wasn’t sure about her career but wanted to do something big for my family. I was born in Kachheda village to a middle-class family where financial issues were the biggest problems of our lives. After failing to succeed in my final CA exams and trying to escape wedding plans that my parents had in mind for me, I started working in a BPO and earned some money from there. I had to convince my parents to pursue my MBA in Finance. While studying, I also did an internship in Finance and got placed in IIFL securities after my MBA in 2018. After working there for one year, I realized I had to do something of my own, so I started my venture, which offers tax services like GST, ITR, etc. When we were all locked up in our homes in 2020 March, I started exploring more options as to how I can use my time and promote my business. Today, I have millions of followers on social media. I’m working on my content and business to scale it up. My ultimate aim is to provide maximum value to millennials through my content and business. We also aim to be the one-stop solution for all financial needs. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to manage my time as whenever I try to focus on one, the other’s growth becomes slow. I have learned the art of delegation which is most important for any business, and delegation is helping me grow further. And because I want to diversify my income sources too, I keep on working on both content and business. I believe, with time I will excel in the art of time management which I am learning right now. But definitely, content creation has added brand value to my business so both are interdependent. I am glad I started both.”

We’re so proud of everything these two have achieved for themselves!

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