Regular visitors of Miss Malini website were in for a surprise due to minor change today. Don’t worry, it’s for some good!

Miss Malini and her colleagues teamed up to start pledging for #ItEndsWithMe trend, which talks about ending the discriminated culture we are exposed to in our day-to-day life, especially at work places. But hold on, that’s not the best part! The most amazing part is that unlike other similar campaigns, this one talks about discrimination faced by anyone and NOT JUST WOMEN!

The new Miss Malini campaign is already attracting a lot of attention and why not? We all have faced some queasy situation at our offices at some point and let it go thinking, ‘It would just be easier if I let it go.’ Well, not anymore! It’s time we speak up about the things we let pass in the name of trolling, casual sexism, racism, body shaming, sexual orientation and a hundred other discriminations.

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And that is exactly the point Malini Agrawal is trying to make in this heartfelt video:

The Miss Malini Twitter handle is full of people pledging to stop complying to all sorts of stereotypes and our hearts couldn’t be happier! They have also put up articles on issues such as body shaming. This will surely brighten your day! Take a look at what the buzz is all about:

1. It’ll all be hearts and flowers if we just ACCEPT!

2. We’re all one community.

3. Let’s take this pledge too.

4. As Joey would put it, “I’m curvy, and I like it!”

5. It’s okay to talk about sexual harassment and everything else.

6. If we have to talk, might as well be something nice, right?

7. Let’s contribute towards each other’s growth instead of hindering it.

8. I could be wearing shorts or kurta, without thinking about anyone but me. You know why? Because it’s a FREE COUNTRY!

9. Support –that’s all anyone is looking for.

10. And finally, from Malini herself! You go girl!

So, what is your #ItEndsWithMe pledge going to be?