It all started on July 12, when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi called his INC a Muslim party. Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted opposition after this statement came out in an Urdu daily – Inquilab. Rahul Gandhi defended himself on Twitter, saying he loves all beings. We don’t know if that is going to be enough to save him from public rage or disappointment, but he sure will be more careful about his statements now (or so we hope!).

Here is what he tweeted:

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As soon as this incident happened, it resurfaced the age old Hindu-Muslim divide in India. And thus came the #TalkToAMuslim trend. Celebrities like Gauhar Khan also tweeted about this, bringing it more limelight. Here are reactions by people and celebrities over this hash tag:

1. He is right.

2. Life makes us all stupid I guess.

3. You really should consider therapy dear politicians.

4. It’s high time those shackles went away.

5. Always, always be accepting towards others.

6. I second your opinion!

7. Talk to humans, not religions.

8. I have friends in all religions and I am proud of it.

9. It would be lovely to have a chat with Ms. Safvi!

But the most brutal backlash was received by actress Swara Bhaskar! Why? The Veere di Wedding actor tweeted something along the lines of how BJP has painted a wrong picture and –BOOM! That was all it took for people to troll her, insult her, and accuse her of wanting to join the Congress or being ‘on the other side’. This was what the Swara commented:

And this is what she received (totally uncalled for as far as I’m concerned) :

1. So she’s a kafir now? Wow.

2. Finally! Someone talking a little sense!

3. Question her finances, coz that’s exactly the need of the hour.

4. I’m confused. When did Swara become the brand ambassador for Hindus or Muslims?

5. If a tweet got you election tickets, let’s just say India would be in a worse place right now.

6. Up to date with the news, this one! Or is he? Ahem ahem.

7. Okay, I didn’t know Bollywood people had a different galaxy to themselves, I want one too!

8. Maybe your sense of politics meter is too!

9. No context. At all.

10. Did you get paid, Swara?

What deeply saddens me is that this political trick of dividing votes and people on the basis of religion is played since time immemorial and people still fall for it? Why? Why can’t we just distance ourselves from the clutter and look at it objectively? We have elections in 2019 and this suddenly pops up? Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I would urge citizens to stop being so sensitive about such a trivial issue. It is not in good taste to be ‘intolerant’ towards everything. It’s high time India.