Content Creators get featured on the denim brand, Freakins' OOH

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Content Creators get featured on the denim brand, Freakins' OOH

Tarini Shah, Prableen Kaur, Muskan Chanchlani and Agasthya Shah collaborated with Freakins for their latest OOH campaign. Scroll down to know more.

No matter what your fashion preference is, you can always find denim in your wardrobe, and we don't see them going out of style anytime soon. Freakins India is one of those brands that never fail to amaze us with their collection, but this time, they caught our attention with their latest marketing campaign. The brand started in 2018 and has grown to become one of the most popular fast fashion brands in India. Recently the brand launched an innovative and captivating out-of-home (OOH) marketing campaign that brilliantly combined the power of social media influencers with its brand image. By capitalizing on the following that influencers bring, the brand has collaborated with popular influencers like Tarini ShahAgasthya ShahPrableen Kaur, and Muskan Chanchlani.

Channeling the personalized branding that comes with being associated with influencers, Freakins India's latest campaign saw various eye-catching billboards strategically placed at Haji Ali Junction, Mumbai. The billboard showcases the brand's stylish denim collection adorned by these influencers. With their social media presence and trendsetting reputations, these influencers sparked curiosity and generated buzz among their dedicated fan bases.

"Started together, now on billboards together and chasing dreams together ☁️🤝

SKY IS THE LIMIT?" Tarini wrote in the caption for the picture she shared with her friend and fellow creator, who shared the space on hoarding with her.

"Last year somebody asked me what is the next big thing I want to do and I said I want to see myself on A BIG billboard in Mumbai! I think I manifested it right then and there 🥹 How I look on the billboard is EXACTLY how I feel - SO HAPPY 💕", wrote Muskan Chanchlani sharing her joy on being on the billboard.

Prableen Kaur too shared her joy of achieving the milestone. She shared "One of the BIGGEST milestones in my career! This was on my wish list for the LONGEST time "

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Look at these captivating Billboards!

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