We have made a list of things that go into making a desi mom starter pack. It involves everything from things we have heard or noticed that our mothers do and are unique to Indian mothers.

Mothers around the world are made up of the same love and care. They live and care for their kids and their family to the core. But all of this comes from all the foreign series and web-shows we have been binge-watching. Not that our desi mothers don’t love us, but they don’t apologise to you for their mistakes either. These shows have only left us thinking, ‘Aisa bhi hota hai kya?’ No matter where we go, there are certain things that only and only belong to our desi mothers. Every Indian household is brought up with these core desi mom values that just keep on passing from generation to generation without us even realising. We have made a desi mom starter pack that we are sure you will connect with.

Take a look at this desi mom starter pack:

Haldi ka dooth: The super drink that saves lives. Because there is no disease that can’t be cured by drinking Haldi ka dooth.

Belan/slippers: The only weapon that can defeat the most fearless kids. Also, if you are the younger one, your elder sibling has probably warned you 100 times.

Mobile phone haters: Desi mothers probably have a secret mission planned to destroy all the mobile phones in the world, because the cause of every problem in the world is nothing but the phones.

Emotional blackmail: When nothing works you need to take out the ultimate weapon to get things done from your kids.

Sharma Ji ka beta: Believing that taunting and comparing children will somehow make them perform better in their exams.

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Because I said so”: There is no better mic drop than your mother forcing you to do a thing and finishing her dialogue with, “You have to do it because I said it so.”

Oversized clothes: Why buy new clothes every time, when you can buy oversized clothes and wear them again once you grow bigger, and then, later on, pass it to your younger sibling?

The puppy factor: Every desi kid knows why they can’t have their our own pet at home.

Whatsapp forwards: She will still not believe in her own kids more than she believes in the Whatsapp forwards.

So, is there something that we missed out? Tell us in the comments below.