Check out how fans showered their love for their Thala and Chinna Thala after Dhoni and Raina announce their retirement from international cricket.

There is no doubt that cricket holds a very special place in the hearts of Indias. The game and the players are very dear to everyone. Former captain, fondly known as the captain cool MS Dhoni is one such player who was loved by fans across the country. On Saturday evening, the cricketer announced his retirement from international cricket. The captain who was admired by millions was known for his incredible game and unique strategies that always came as a surprise by many. His fellow cricketer Suresh Raina followed his former captain and announced his retirement. Both the crickets belong to the same IPL team and the Chennai Super Kings sources indicated that both will be playing for the team until IPL 2021 edition.

Soon after, they announced their retirement, fans flooded the internet with their love for him thanking him for all the amazing games. From posting his pictures to talking about his achievements to creating fan arts, the internet has been on a buzz ever since.

Check out these arts:

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