Check out #NobodyArtistClub - a thread about beautiful art and unknown artists

Smrithi Mohan
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Artists come together on Twitter as they share their piece of art. While trending #NobodyArtistClub, they recognize all the unknown artists around the world.

Social media is a great platform for many young talents to show their talents and skills. They are given an opportunity to be known and recognised for all of their works. Artist and their art hold a special place among the online community, as there are many who have their own unique style distinguishing their art from the rest. Even though it is a great platform, there also come times when many talents are left unrecognised. With millions of people and thousands of talents, it becomes difficult and takes a lot of time for true talents to be found. However, Twitterati took it on its hands and started trending #NobodyArtistClub. It focuses and encouraged many young artists, who believe have not been found, to share their art along with a small insight into who they are.

Take a look at these beautiful #NobodyArtistClub arts:

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