Dice Media's Clutch hits the bullseye with an adrenaline-filled ride into the world of Esports

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Dice Media's Clutch

Esports is a sports category that's still an alien concept in India even though it's recently been recognized in the Olympics. But in a country where video games are for children how do Esports and virtual reality find a place as a profession? This is the journey that Dice Media's Clutch focuses on with its story and characters. Yes, it's the first Esports series in India but the show follows Arun (Vishal Vashishtha), Adil (Tirth Joisher), Prachi (Ahsaas Channa), Jeetu (Saurabh Ghadge), and Raunak's journey (Prateek Pachauri) with figuring out their place in Esports and taking part in a gaming competition.

The show focuses on Arun (Vishal Vashishtha) who's working an IT job leaving his passion for gaming behind. Until and unless Adil (Tirth Joisher) and other outside factors make him realize his true dream. He enters into the world of gaming once again as a coach and forms a team with Adil (Tirth Joisher), Prachi (Ahsaas Channa), Jeetu (Saurabh Ghadge), and Raunak (Prateek Pachauri). Then it's all about team building, finding the right bond, figuring out why they're in this, and the adrenaline rush-filled competition. The show's essence and brilliance lie in the fact that this genre is explored and Dice Media adds its own level of emotions.

The interesting part about the show is its level of research of the virtual gaming space. Ruchir Arun and Manuja Tyagi with the team of writers have made the show interesting and informative for the audience. Even a person who has no inkling of the world will end up enjoying the show and gathering some knowledge. Showing the virtual game and play adds to the adrenaline rush just like any other sports drama. The emotional journey of each character is balanced with the gaming competition that gives the show an edge and gets the audience hooked to it.

The pace of the show is neither too slow nor too fast and captures the right kind of emotions. Even all the actors fit in quite easily into their roles and take you on a journey. While they have explored the world in enough depth maybe the characters could've been given more of an emotional range. We have sympathy for these characters for their emotional arc but somehow that empathy can't come from within. But the show's strength lies in the fact there has never been a show that has explored Esports hence they have an upper hand.

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