Politicos, Journos can't tell the difference between Times Now and Times HOW!

Mohammad Kanchwala
New Update
Times How

Influential personalities, politicians and journalists have once again (unknowingly?) fallen prey to a fake news on social media. And this time they couldn’t tell parody from the truth. Times How, a parody of Times Now is at the centre of this lamentable happening.

Rajeev Chandrashekhar, Anand Ranganathan and a few other political leaders have been spotted Retweeting a Tweet from Times How, that lists a fake quote under the name of an Islamic preacher. Related to the Priya Prakash Varrier trend, the quote is being circulated on Twitter, and has fooled many who sadly could not spot the H from Times How.

Check out the Tweet below, and

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Attributed to Maulana Qadri, the authenticity of the quote is ludicrous and politicians falling for a Twitter account that has less than a 1000 Followers, and is not even a popular parody account.

While some eagle eyed, and sanity driven Twitter users have been debunking the fake quote, including Pratik Sinha, the man behind AltNews, known for busting myths and calling out fake news online, other susceptible users have fallen prey to the blatant lies.

Although the tweets appear to have been deleted by Rajeev Chandrashekhar and Anand Ranganathan, but not by Sanjay Hegde.

This is merely one of the many instances wherein not just the general public, but people with thousands of followers have wrongly participated in the spread of fake news by not verifying before they share.

As a politician, celebrity or any influential social media personality, it is their duty to know the difference between Times How, and Times NOW.

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