Check out this list of Digital couple bloggers and their love has us wishing to be struck by the cupid’s bow.

People need that special someone to share their small victories and hardships with every day. Someone they can be themselves with. One who doesn’t judge but embraces us with all our short-comings and faults. And February is a month when love blossoms all around us. It is the time that celebrates love and couples. While singles around the world hate this month, couples on the other hand get a chance to show off their bae. While everyone waits for that someone, there are some of our favourite Digital couple bloggers who are giving us major goals.

Digital creators are a part of our everyday life. We see them almost most of our day as we keep scrolling through social media. While they entertain us with their content they also at times inspire us. There are a number of couple influencers whose love has filled our single life with love and hope. They make us miss all our non-existent bae. They look so good and adorable together in their pictures that they set an example for every hopelessly romantic out there.

Check this list out:

Savi and Vid | @Bruised Passports

Larrisa | @larrisa_wlc and Siddharth Kerkar | @siddharthkerkar

Komal Pandey | @komalpandeyofficial and Siddharth Batra | @siddhar93tbatra

Vishnu Kaushal | @thevishunukaushal and Disha Rawat | @disharawat22

Atulan Purohit and Divesh Tolani | @honey.imm.home

Abhi and Niyu | @abhiandniyu

Gaurav | @taneja.gaurav and Ritu Taneja | @riturathee

Nikkhil Sharma | @nikkkhil and Shanice Shrestha | @shaniceshrestha

Sundas Malik | @sufi.sun and Anjali Chakra | @anjalichakra

Mrunal Panchal | @mrunu and Anirudh Sharma | @anirudhh_sharma

Daizy and Ankit | @the.vogue.vanity

Lakshmi Krishna and Harikrishnan J | @tinpinstories

Juhi Sharma and Bhavya Dua | @eatloverepeat

Amit Shah | @amit_aatma and Aditya Madiraju | @mad.adiyoo

Maitrayanee Mahanta | @mmaitrayanee and Neeta Basnet | @gypsymilady

Rohan and Trisha | @lifeofroti

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