Divya and her partner in crime Madhu decided to do something crazy and ski in a saree and dhoti. The internet is loving it!

We have seen women do a ton of things while wearing a saree. The nine-yard that seems like a difficult task to drape, is less of a concern for women themselves. From hula-hooping to doing flips, women do everything with ease in a saree. And the latest to join this bandwagon is an NRI couple who decided to try their hand at it.

The couple, Divya Maiya and Madhu decided to go skiing in Welch village in a saree and dhoti. Welch Village is a popular skiing haunt in Minnesota and people visit the place to feel the rush between the snow. The NRI couple decided to share videos and pictures of them effortlessly ski-ing through the snow in a saree and dhoti and it has gone viral since. Their viral videos gave the internet the perfect example of what couple goals feels like.

Divya wrote that they wanted to do something crazy to distract themselves. She also mentioned that she decided to ski in saree after taking inspiration from Creator and Influencer Masoom Minawala.

Check out their video:

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

The couple did not stop there. They decided to celebrate their 12 anniversary in their own unique way. By carrying their traditional attire and hiking 12 miles up a mountain in Montana/ Idaho, Divya and Madhu had their romantic 12-year anniversary photo shoot in the background of a picturesque view.

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