Check out these interesting weekend posts by Digital Creators that made our timelines more entertaining.

Digital Creators have become a special part of our lives. They have taken over our social media timelines. The number of the creator community is growing and we have new people appearing on our explore session helping us cope up with the boredom. These creators have shared a piece of their lives with us with their weekend posts and made our scroll-sesh worthy. The whole pandemic situation has been one major deal for creators as they were able to create and engage their audiences with relatable content.

With new year they have been doing the best to keep up with this excitement among their fans alive. Creators have not only shared their funny and relatable posts but also helping us keep up with all the latest trends in fashion. From styling the oversized and comfy winter clothes to showing us ways to re-style some of our clothes in a number of different ways, these creators are doing their best. We made a list of some of their weekend posts that gave the fans an insight of their everyday life, new funny content and fashion inspos.

Check out these Creator weekend entertainment posts:

PC: @Flying Beast
PC: @bhuvan.bam22

PC: @Abhinav Mathur
PC: @beerbiceps
PC: Neelakshi @plumtopretty
PC: @mrunu
PC: @aakritiranaofficial
PC: @ruheedosani

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