From vloggers to fashion bloggers to gamers, there are a number of creators and influencers on Youtube and Instagram that are creating their own fan base. Check out these 100 digital creators of the decade.

You know the time when Newspaper and Television was the only source of entertainment, well OK Boomer, the Internet was just taking its time to be the next big thing. Social media is growing to become a great platform for many young and great talents. A number of influencers and content creators have created their own fan following with their creative and innovative content. We have listed down these 100 digital creators of the decade who we all love and admire.

Here is the list of 100 digital creators of the decade:

1) PewDiePie

2) David Dobrik

3) Liza Kozhy

4) Team Naach

5) Diipa Büller-Khosla 

6) Santoshi Shetty 

7) Komal Pandey 

8) Kritika Khurana 

9) Aashna Shroff 

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Day off

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10) Pooja Mundhra 

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Airport lewk ??‍♀️✈️

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11) Karron Dhinggra 

12) Shivani Singh 

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13) Malvika Sitlani 

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? . . . Outfit – @seepmahajanofficial ?

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14) James Charles

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the only picture I got of my outfit yesterday ?

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15) Savi and Vid 

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“Don’t you ever FIGHT?” ? is one of the questions we get asked most often (both online & offline)!! ✨ ✨ The answer is – obviously we do! We’d be super human not to. In fact It’s healthy to argue occasionally. But we seem to argue less as the years go by & we get to know each other more & more ☺️? Here’s a few things we have learnt over the years. Sharing in the hope they’ll help you too: ✨ ✨ * 1. You’re going to be spending a LOT of time with your partner, whether you’re dating them or living with them. Try choosing someone who is ideologically similar to you so arguments are about small things such as what to eat for dinner not bigger issues such as whether to have kids or not ? * 2. Be financially independent so your brain isn’t clouded by the thought of sustaining yourself, if things go south in a relationship. Happiness should be your reason for staying in a relationship, not financial dependency ? * 3. If you have a disagreement, try to talk it out rationally. Don’t let EGOS (mostly stemming from patriarchy and misplaced sense of machismo) get in the away! ? * 4. Learn to prioritise things that matter to you. Don’t ever let society or your relatives bully you into doing something that isn’t in line with your beliefs as a couple ? * Point number 5 is for you savi. Please read and implement asap ?? Don’t cry- this makes it hard for people to argue coz then they want to hug you even when they’re angry with you! ? ? * 6 Try not to go to bed angry. I can’t ever stay angry for too long and Savi needs cuddles (who remembers the arm cavity from our Q&A?), so we are sorted on that front & literally never sleep angry ☺️ ✨ ✨ That’s the thing – None of us is perfect ? We’re all just flawed human beings here, learning as we go along. This is just what the two of us have learnt! ✨ ✨ Do you fight with your parents or partners too? The next time you do, just take a deep breath and remember just how much you love them ???

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16) Dude Perfect

17) Scarlett Rose 

18) Vidya Iyer (Vidya Vox)

19) Shivya Nath

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I’ve travelled to over thirty countries since I turned vegan 3.5 years ago, including seafood-obsessed Japan, kebab-loving Iran and tribal regions of Myanmar, where every kind of animal is relished. . . Sticking with my commitment to not consume any animal products, I’ve learnt along the way that surviving – nay thriving – as a vegan on the road is an acquired art. The more well-researched, adventurous and creative I am, the more likely I am to find incredible vegan food, sample the local cuisine and build lasting friendships through the common love of good food. . . Many of you have asked, so here it is, a practical blog post on “How to Travel as a Vegan and Find Delicious Food Anywhere in the World.” Works for vegetarians too. Link in my bio @shivya or read it at ? . . And you, what are your biggest challenges travelling as a vegan / vegetarian and how do you overcome them? . . Featuring @happycow @airbnb @mostlyamelie @veganfoodquest @thenomadicvegan @gustavsalzburg @khalvat_house @anonymousforthevoiceless @vitamer @healthnut_india @down2hearth @cowspiracy . . #theshootingstar #vegantravel #digitalnomad #climatechange #shotoniphone

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20) Nivi Selvaraj 

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This picture exactly my mood right now. When all I want to do is chill by the lake soaking in the sun. . This was one of the spots where most of you had asked for location details when I put out stories. Kayangan Lake is by far the most popular spot on Coron Island and for good reason. You cruise into the ‘parking lot’, which in itself is an immaculate reef with crystal clear water.  After parking the boat ? (yeah, that's how you roll in Philippines) you take a short hike up the stairs to the viewpoint before clambering down the other side to reach the famous Kayangan Lake. It’s a crystal clear freshwater lake with unbelievable underwater rock formations, which make it one of the most incredible sites in all of Coron, Palawan. . #postcardchronicles #postcardsfromphilippines #femaletravel #adventureseeker #beachlover #indiantravelgram #indiantravelblogger #solofemaletraveler #doyoutravel #travelmore #lonelyplanetphilippines #lonelyplanetindia #cntraveler #skyscanner

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21) Bhumika T 

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Looking at the beautiful view and taking in the calm and serene atmosphere around. Chin Swee Caves Temple is a Taoist temple that’s set on a 28-acre plot of rocky forested land in Genting Highlands, this gigantic Buddha statue is one of the prominent attraction of the temple and the nine storey pagoda being another. This temple was made in honour of Qingshui (Chin Swee), a Buddhist monk who has long been referred to as a deity in Fujian Province, China for his supernatural abilities to summon rain and drive away evil spirits. And yes it rained while we were there ? #chinsweetemple #resortsworldgenting #malaysia #chinswee #qingshui #malaysiatrulyasia #travelphotography #travelgram #travellife #travelbook #indiantravelgram #indiantravelblogger

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22) Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar 

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Home is where Lake Pichola is.

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23) Avantika Mohan 

24) Abhinav Chandel 

25) Dilsefoodie 

26) Jeffery Star 

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@jeffreestar ??

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27) Saransh Goila 

28) Archana Doshi 

29) Shivesh Bhatia 

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While growing up I thought I’d become a lawyer or an actor but never a baker! Growing up I only saw the women of the house bake. As some of you would know my nani and my mummy are phenomenal bakers and I’ve learnt so much from them. Somehow being in a cold kitchen or being a pastry chef has always been a profession that most associate with women. When I got hooked to baking seven years ago, I had never thought it’d become a full time profession for me or that it would lead to so many incredible things I’ve got to experience in the last few years- being on vogue’s list of 20 under 26, releasing my own baking book, winning social media star of the year award from conde nast India or be on the cover of a magazine. If you truly love doing something, don’t let the stereotypes society imposes stop you. Well, whoever said a man can’t be a successful baker- here you go! So this International Men’s Day change your perception towards Men and also Mutual Funds #PerceptionBadlo @MutualFundsSahiHai #InternationalMensDay

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30) Maunika Gowardhan 

31) Hina Bisht 

32) Tanish Sharma 

33) Deeba Rajpal 

34) Uma Raghuraman 

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A very warm welcome to all new followers ????. Thank you @eenaduonline for the feature. I am Uma Raghuraman also lovingly called as Masterchefmom . Cooking everyday for family with pure love ? is no easy task . I know so many of you are doing this day in and day out for so many years with a smile . I am no different . I too cook with my heart ❣ and I am overwhelmed by the love and appreciation I have received and am receiving from so many of you . I am so happy to connect with so many of you doing this divine art of selfless cooking ❤️❤️❤️. Sharing new recipes ,cooking tips and my daily cooking is my way of gratitude to you. If you have read this long, do comment below about yourself and from where you are based . Would love to connect ?. Special thanks to all those who regularly take the effort to comment and motivate ???? ?. Have a great Sunday ????????????????? . . . . . . . . #masterchefmom #gratitute #thankfulforthelove #momsofinstagram #realindianfood #homechef#foodblogger #sundayvibes #mykitchen #lovecooking #passionforcooking #cookinglove . .

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35) Kanan Gill 

36) Kusha Kapila 

37) Kenny Sebastian 

38) Saloni Chopra 

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I recently read that these countries below are apparently the ‘safest’ for women to travel solo. Now while I don’t know what statistics that’s based on, given that anything could happen anywhere, but I guess considering the situation in our own home country, I mean – let’s not kid anyone, you can be patriotic and love your home and still acknowledge the drawbacks within… just as a mother can love it’s child but real love would not be to overlook and ignore their wrong doings, but instead to address them and help them be better – so while many of us MAY have had safe travels here at home, it isn’t necessarily a safe country for women to travel solo in. You’d have time and clothing restrictions, and that’s just to begin with. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But I would imagine some countries are easier and safer than others. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’m sharing this list with you humans, mostly to also know if any of you have ever been? If yes, then what do you think? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 1. Finland 2. Canada 3. New Zealand 4. Uruguay 5. Switzerland 6. Belgium 7. Austria 8. Iceland 9. Japan 10. Chile ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Have you been to any of them? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tag a girl that travels ☂️ ✈️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #chile #japan #newzealand #iceland #canada #austria #belgium #switzerland #uruguay #finland #travel #girlsthattravel #solotravel #tagagirl #southkorea #korea #seoul

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39) Suyash Tilak 

40) Dolly Singh

41) Srishti Patch

42) Abish Mathew 

43) Rohan Joshi 

44) Mithila Palkar 

45) Ranveer Allahbadia 

46) Namrata Purohit

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Once upon a dream…… ??

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47) Anto Philip

48) Nidhi Mohan Kamal 

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This is me and my food !! ?? . After, seeing fitness models with their supplement boxes, I thought I ll add something different to your feed, mainly in interest of आम जाँत who don’t wish to enter competitive body building. . Before, I share anything on #Vegan or #Plantbased diets. I would like to share something more important than that in determining your fitness and health levels. . ‘Whole foods’ – in my case ‘ Whole plant based foods’. The more near you are to whole foods the more easier it is to maintain good health. There’s a lot of evidence now that ‘plant based diets’ are good for your health, but going Vegan wouldn’t guarantee good health, because in my few weeks in Australia ( plant based heaven), I realised it’s not all. There’s a lot of processed, high fat and full of additives plant based food which can keep you from getting healthy ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️. . So, what’s the perfect diet . Well ! That might vary to some extent from person to person depending on your body, metabolism and medical conditions ( you should professional help for that). But general thumb rules. . . ✅ Anything in a packet is not whole food. It has been tweaked in a factory to last long or taste better. So, keep it minimum. . ✅ Keep whole foods quantity high. Whole pulses, legumes, beans , unpolished rice , whole wheat, fruits , vegetables are your besties. . ✅ Sugar is not a nutrient. It’s unnecessary like how. Plus if you’re vegan you should know it’s not even vegan ( bone char is used for clarification) though alternative sugars can be better like coconut sugar, jaggery la la la .. but its still for your pleasure only. You body doesn’t need it. . Well ! I could say more but saving that for later. . . Save this one and share with someone you love and want around you longer ???. . PS : pre chicken pox photo Wearing @pumaindia #desimuscles #veganfood #vegansofig #plantbaseddiet #poweredbyplants

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49) Prashant Sawant 

50) Junaid Kaliwala 

51) Nivedita Samanta 

52) Ayesha Billimoria 

53) Gaurav Taneja 

54) Marques Brownlee

55) Siddharth Seema Chandekar 

56) Amit Khanna 

57) Lumière Wedding company 

58) Praveen Bhat 

59) Andrew Kneebone

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60) Hidyatullah

61) Kerala Wedding Photography 

62) Raj Singh Arora 

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#Mumbai #citybytheseamumbai #shotoniphone – RSA.

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63) Mohena Kumari Singh 

64) Sachin Kumar 

65) Zakir Khan

66) Amit Bhadana

67) Bhuvan Bam

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?? . . Styling: @ashnaverma ?: @crevixa

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68) Gaurav Chaudhary

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‪Sunday ke kya plans hai dosto??? ‬

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69) Ashish Chanchlani

70) Sandeep Maheshwari

71) Nisha Madhulika

72) Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati)

73) Aakriti Rana 

74) Harsh Beniwal

75) Mohammed Aneez

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The Block!

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76) Canal KondZilla

77) HolaSoyGerman

78) Prabh Deep

79) Vani Rao

80) Akanksha Bhandari

81) Golgappa Girl

82) Arjit Agarwal 

83) Tom Murmu

84) Taalpatar Shepai 

85) Bharatt-Saurabh 

86) Manasvivi

87) SuperTuxon

88) SikhWarrior

89) Anmol Juneja

90) Sandeep Gowdru Live

91) Malmer

92) SkullCrusher Gaming

93) Richa Hingle

94) Juhi Godambe

95) Karikku Fresh

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Babu Namboodidiii….

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96) Melvin Louis

97) Manpreet Toor

98) Mad Stuff With Rob

99) theDOMINICshow

100) Jenna Marbles

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