Digital creators' Indian mom characters have us all united in agreement

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With Mother's Day around the corner, we cannot help but have an agreeable laugh at these videos of Indian mom characters by our digital creators.

Living in an Indian household is entertainment enough and no reality show can compete with that. Nuclear or joint family, north Indian or south Indian, all of our parents share some common traits that instantly bring us all together just like that one episode of " target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Derry Girls. Sure, both are parents are equally important in our lives, but if we go on to take the stats, we know that if there's one person that we cannot live without is our mothers. She's the soul, drama, saviour, and light of our homes who has to be constantly present for all of us to have a smoother life. Even though moms all around the world hold this special place, there's something extra special about Indian moms that we just can't pinpoint, but these digital creators can. These Indian mom characters that they've created always leave us feeling "Me too"!

Over the years, we have seen people talking about these small instances from our lives through their videos on social media. And that's something digital creators are great at. They know what the audience likes and always give it to them. They have been understanding the assignment for a long time now and creating characters to keep us entertained is part of their roose that we love. These characters represent someone or the other we have met at some point in our lives. But one we really love is their mom character. With these characters they have recreate some of the most iconic Indian mom moments. And many times these videos feel too close to home. We cannot help but nod in agreement as we watch these videos wiping our laughter tears.

Check out our favorite Indian mom characters!

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