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Digital creators travelling

Accepting the new normal and following precautions, Digital Creators are travelling away in 2021. Check out where they're taking off to!

Thanks to the omnipresent Coronavirus, we have been stuck in our houses since 2020. It's soon going to be March 2021; it has been one full year since the lockdown hit our lives. We stepped out only to get necessities. It's been a year since we travelled outdoors for leisure. The pandemic has also been tough on mental health. It has worsened our craving for a vacation. Moreover, it has been far worse for the wanderers who are addicted to travelling. Ever since the lockdown hit, the world of our travel bloggers and digital creators also came to a halt. For a year, they have relied on memories of previous trips for content. During the lockdown, people turned to Instagram to get rid of the boredom. Therefore, every creator had to churn out more content.

Now that the lockdown has been lifted gradually, creators are finally on the trip to a relaxing vacation. Travel bloggers have resumed fulfilling their wanderlust. Even though travelling, they are still taking precautions. Coronavirus is still lurking around and we have to be cautious. Therefore, with precautions in place, multiple creators are flying to their favourite destinations. While some are travelling within the country, some have visited foreign lands. Creators are vacationing with their family and friends making the most of their trips. Want to see who has gone where?

Here are the pictures of your favourite digital creators vacationing their way into 2021. Ready for some wanderlust?

Kusha Kapila and Zorawar Ahluwalia with Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra - Goa


Source: Instagram| @kushakapila

Source: Instagram| @komalpandeyofficial

Source: Instagram| @siddharth93batra

Aisha Ahmed with Rohit Saraf, Rohan Shah and Akanksha Thakur- Rishikesh


Source: Instagram| @aisharahmed

Source: Instagram|@rohan_shah_

Mallika Dua- Kerala


Source: Instagram| @mallikadua

Prajakta Koli


Source: Instagram| @mostlysane

Anirudhh Sharma and Mrunal Panchal


Source: Instagram| @anirudhh_sharma

Dolly Singh with Manu Chaturvedi - Pondicherry


Source: Instagram| @dollysingh

Sejal Kumar- Goa


Source: Instagram| @sejalkumar1195

Niharika Jain- Himachal Pradesh


Source: Instagram| @_niharikajain

Karishma Rawat- Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu


Source: Instagram| @karishmarawat

Saloni Chopra- Melbourne, Australia


Source: Instagram| @salonichopraofficial

Aanam C- Alibaugh


Source: Instagram| @aanamc

Bhuvan Bam- Goa


Source: Instagram| @bhuvan.bam22

Santoshi Shetty- Bali, Indonesia


Source: Instagram| @santoshishetty

Rega Jha


Source: Instagram| @regajha

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