Dil Chahta Hai: 19 years later, Akash, Sid aur Sameer dost the, hai aur hamesha rahenge...

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dil chahta hai

An energetic and a youthful movie, even after 19 years, Dil Chahta Hai remains relevant for the generations! Thanks to the trio for giving us the memories that stayed with us, just like their friendship.

It's been 19 years since we first watched the magic on the big screen and fell in love with the dramatic, friendly and relatable narrative that Dil Chahta Hai weaved with utmost love, innocence, friendship and adulthood realities.

Witnessing a wholesome bond between the vast array of characters being inter-twined into beautiful relationships, each of them won our hearts in their own special ways. The story being narrated in a flashback and the representation of an urban-Indian youth is so spot-on that each one of us could take away something personal from the movie!

Time passes by as three carefree bachelors evolve into mature individuals who accept that they might not stay updated with each other's life stories but whenever they come together, they always pick up from where they left. And that's the beauty and reality of adult friendships.

Every time we think of road-tripping with friends, how can we not think of Dil Chahta Hai? That movie actually gave us the idea of how fun a road trip can be! Escaping the complex and chaotic lives, hitting the road that leads to a beautiful destination is a dream that you three achieved successfully, while many are still waiting for their time to come! Chapora Fort remains iconic. It's like your vibe is still there. From afar we can see you in your spots gazing at the limitless ocean and a sky full of awaiting opportunities and contemplating life and love. You made travelling fun, you gave us a rocking travel anthem that is a must-play song at the beginning of every journey.

You taught us how to cope up with ups and downs in friendships. You boys gradually face heartbreaks in the movie and it's wholesome to see how you three got each other's back and help the other come out of his sadness and dark days. The purity and sincerity of your friendship is the backbone of this movie that shall forever give us friendship goals! The witty sense of humour and pulling each other's leg remains a ritual of every friend circle and even more in a trio!

For some of us who don't believe in love, you made us believe in fate. And now we know that our virtuous fate shall bring us closer to the love of our life who we otherwise wouldn't have thought about. Akaash meeting Shalini and falling in love with her eventually was the light of hope for us and we're glad you ended up together because we sincerely wished for that to happen!

Dimple Kapadia and Sid's love story is the unexpected romance that doesn't end well but it gives the movie its own drama and filmy vibes. “Pyaar soch samajh kar thodi kiya jaata hai, bas ho jaata hai.” It surely treated our eyes with beautiful portraits of Tara Jaiswal and we know how dreamy it can be to fall in love with an artist!

Last but not least, thank you for giving us songs that we can always tune into and hum on any given day, mood and vibe. Each song in itself teaches a lesson in the most melodious and soothing way, tugging our heartstrings warmer!

A part of us wishes to bump into you three at Chapora Fort surrounded by the serene landscape and take some lessons in friendship, romance, bromance and have the best time of our lives!

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