Check out what the founder of Be’U, Dipti Nandu has to say about starting her fashion accessories brand during the lockdown.

Hairbands are fashion accessories that every accessory enthusiast loves no matter what their age. They make any outfit look cute and adorable. Dipti Nandu, the founder of Be’U made the most of the lockdown and took her love for designing forward by launching her own line of hairbands. Be’U believes it is important to be bold, badass and most importantly to be YOU. Keeping this philosophy in mind the brand designs hairbands to suit unique fashion styles and personalities.

The lockdown has certainly brought out the talented and creative side of many people and Dipti Nandu took it a step forward and launched her own brand. We recently interacted with her and here’s what the entrepreneur about her inspiration behind creating the brand and more.

Dipti Nandu

Take a look:

  1. What made you start your own brand of hairbands during the lockdown?

“I was always passionate about drawing, painting and designing. And yes, the accessory design is one of the things which makes me excited. During any of my shopping days, I use to be a very picky person especially with regards to Hair accessories. I observed that there are not many hair accessories available in the Indian market and the only thing available is Hairbands. But the hairbands available in the market are very simple ones and this clicked me to start experimenting with these bands in the lockdown. After working on a few hairbands for myself, family members and friends started asking about them. This made me think of starting Be’U.”

  1. What has your experience as a woman entrepreneur been like? Any challenges – external or internal like finding time for yourself or your passion.

“Managing household chores, kid and work together is always challenging as a housewife. I have scheduled my day where mornings are dedicated to family, afternoons are brainstorming session for new designs and current work progress. I have a small kid and family to look after and during lockdown everybody being home was truly a hassle to manage my day and get time out for Be’U but my family is very supportive and helped me managing everything.”

She further added, “Talking about other challenges, starting a new business idea also comes with great responsibilities. So, dealing with other professionals involved in my work was a little awkward initially but once I understood the pattern of work, it became easier for us as a team to execute the work.”

  1. What according to you makes Be’U stand out amongst other brands?

“Be’U comes with a unique story about how a housewife is turning her passion into work. Our hairbands are handcrafted with different designs for every occasion, age group and profession. The wide range of products makes the customer have various options to choose from.”

  1. How do you manage to ensure that your productivity isn’t hampered due to the lockdown stress?

“Yes, the lockdown was a difficult time to manage the business with limited resources. I dedicated this time to business development, networking, and future plans for the brand. I feel, that our business line is experimental and fun to work for, so to keep myself motivated I go online and do a lot of research work. Since I also have a kid’s collection range so interacting with my kid and understanding their view also matters for me. At times, we try to replicate the drawing done by kids on their hairband so they connect with the accessory and get excited to wear them.”

  1. What inspires your hairband designs?

“Observing every individual’s need, profession, mood, occasion, and of course the expectation on the quality matters the most. As I said, we try to replicate kids’ drawings for the kid’s collections. Also, office casual hairbands are in more subtle colours. Party wears bands are a little sparkly and bright in colours. We also review the pieces with our customers via social media platforms or sharing samples with them.”

6. One advice/suggestion you’d like to give aspiring female entrepreneurs out there.

“Keep going, never stop, and don’t lose hope. Be positive, Be’U. Every individual is different. So, find your strength work and act on it.”

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