We imagined what going to a Diwali party with these creator characters will be like so you don't have to

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Imagine having to deal with the drama of these reel-life content creator characters IRL at a Diwali party. Well, we did, and here's what we think!

It's officially the time for long weekends, a sugar rush, and a reason to drown all the darkness and life sorrows by adding as many lights as possible. Diwali has its own charm making everything look as merry as possible. We get to visit our cousins, spend all the time we can with them, beat them in games, and put on that extra kilo without regretting anything. Keeping our family get-togethers aside, one thing that adds massive hype to the season is the parties that we can't wait to attend. Spending time with friends and endless booze sounds like the perfect way to spend our festive time. Talking of friends if there's anyone who has managed to become our friend despite being far away is our content creators. As we celebrate this season, we cannot miss them becoming part of it like every other day in our lives. Just their real selves, their reel life selves have also become a major part of our online lives. So, we imagined what it would be like to go out with these Content creator characters to a Diwali party, because why not.

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Here's what we think would happen!

Punjabi artists - Vishnu and Govind Kaushal: They may be there to handle the music but will end up ruining the party with their constant blabbering, NRI accent, the constant promotion of their latest album, and random IG Live.

South Delhi aunty - Kusha Kapila: She will spend the night criticizing your Diwali outfits and the party if it's not sophisticated enough for her. But she will stay till the end and have all the booze she can.

Mummyji - Dolly Singh: It's advised to make sure you don't end up with her at a party because we are pretty sure she'll make your stay and clean up all the mess and bug you with questions about your life you are not ready to answer.

Deepak's girlfriend - Saurabh Ghadge: You'd have to be too careful when with her because she will dissect your English and call you out on the smallest mistake.

Mrinalini - Prapti Elizabeth: She is definitely someone you need on your side to keep every creep and person with a toxic ideology away. Because, girl, this Diwali, we are only looking for positive vibes!

Which creator character are you willing to take with you to a Diwali party? Let us know in the comments below.

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