Try these face masks at home to keep your skin happy and healthy during quarantine!

In the daily hustle and bustle of long commutes, daily exposure to harsh sun, dirt & pollution, makeup and loads of stress, our skin reacts in a not so desired way. With barely any time left to pamper our skin, it tends to become easily prone to breakouts, pigmentation, wrinkles and aging. Now that we have been quarantined and are at home constantly and no access to salons, you have all the time in the world to pamper your skin. Thus, we have brought a few DIY face masks to you which can be made easily and quickly at home and include all-natural ingredients that are highly effective. So surprise your colleagues when you see them next at the office with smooth and glowing skin by trying these DIY face packs from our favourite beauty bloggers.

Take a look:

DIY Face Mask for oily skin by Debasree Banerjee

This face mask should literally be called a no-fuss face mask because all you need is egg whites. So next time you’re making your hearty egg breakfast with yolks, do not throw away the whites.

Besan Haldi Face Pack by ThatQuirkyMiss

Just raid your kitchen shelves, grab a few things from here and there which would be definitely available at your houses and Voila! , this traditional and one of the most effective face pack would be ready.

A quick and effective face mask for pimples or acne by My Happinesz

With many of being health freaks, green tea and honey would be easily available at our homes. So if you are having breakouts, this face mask is your best solution.

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 DIY – Dry Skincare Face Mask by Myhappinesz

This is literally a saviour for those dealing with dry skin and procrastination. Many of us find skincare and face masks a tedious task but this facemask is like your Holy Grail. Just mix lemon and oil and you’re good to go.

DIY Natural Face & Hair Mask for Instant Glow + Moisture by Corallista

Get that instant glow with this beauty mask and shine in your work video calls just as you shine at office. Additionally, using some common ingredients, you can also make a hair mask.

5 one-ingredient DIY Natural Masks For Glowing Skin by Shreya Jain

This video was posted by Shreya for the festive season. However, currently we are celebrating Quarantine season so it is an equally enough reason to pamper your skin. In this video, there are five different face masks in which you just need one ingredient. So choose yours and get that glow.

DIY Glow Mask by Shruti Arjun Anand

Who knew vegetables could also be our weapons to smooth and glowing skin when used externally. Watch this video to know how.

CLEAR SKIN with Natural Ingredients by Super Style Tips

A very unique face mask which will require quite a few ingredients than usual and a bit more time but we are quarantined and literally have all the time in the world. So instead of scouting for activities to do, treat your skin with this face pack.

Which of these face masks will you be trying?