Diya Parakh is all about using style and humour with an underlying message via her content

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Diya Parakh

Diya Parakh manages to create humourous content with a small message via her Instagram profile.

Short-video platforms have become a pool of entertainment with small-time individuals getting a stage to show off their skills and reach a large number of people with one click. The content shared by these creators has encouraged people to find someone to relate to online and ultimately helps them share their struggles with the world. Diya Parakh is one of the few Gen Z creators who is growing online with her witty and engaging content.

A lockdown protege, Diya found herself making videos because of the extra time that work from home provided her with. She started sharing these videos in the beginning to have some fun and to make herself feel better. Entertaining her friends and family who found her humour appealing was another reason. But one video hit the mark out of the blue and opened her up to the world of content creation. "Originally, they were just for family and friends to enjoy, but one day I posted a video about SOBO kids and their drivers and it did pretty well. It wasn’t just about family and friends anymore, I actually had an audience. And ever since then I’ve been on this journey, and I just love it."

Diya found herself feeling bored and sad during the lockdown. To deal with this boredom and to cheer herself up she decided to make a fun video in her dining room at night. After being reluctant and with a lot of convincing from her family and friends, Diya was finally convinced to share the same on Instagram. "I was really nervous but looking back, I’m so happy I did that because that’s where it all started."

When asked what makes her content different, she didn't have a clear idea apart from the things her loved ones say. "For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been told that the way I speak is funny and enjoyable. And I think I try to speak as much as I can in my videos. I do use trending sounds too, but I feel like what I say and the way I speak is what makes my humour what it is." While she does everything she can to make a funny video, she also mentions that most of her videos have an underlying message and she tries to make a point via them.

Although content creation was a happy accident in her life, she acknowledges the best and worst parts of being in the content creation space. According to her, having the opportunity to make people feel something, whether it’s making them laugh or making them think about something is the best part. She finds that her content doesn't just make her happy but also someone on the internet that she has never met in person.

But every opportunity comes with its own downsides and Diya feels that the anxiety that comes with being in the eyes of thousands of people is one of them. “You’re always wondering will people like what I’m putting out, will this video do well. And even though I’m just starting out on this journey, I do feel the pressure.”

Among the anxiety, she doesn’t forget to recall all the positive messages that she has received over the course of her creating content. She finds herself filled with random messages from people saying the nicest things. “I’ve had people tell me that when they’re in a bad mood, they watch my videos to feel better. I feel like I have a small family online filled with people who genuinely like what I do and want to see me do well, and that makes me so happy!”

Her love for creating new videos and sharing her crazy ideas is what motivates her to put better content for her followers. She makes sure to write down her ideas as soon as they come to her. The people in her life, her family, friends, acquaintances and things she notices about people and everyday life, all make it to this list of ideas, including things that she thinks and feels. "I’m always watching, always listening (evil laughter) But then I take what I hear and feel and put my own spin on it."

And just like her content creation journey, if there's one philosophy that she believes in, it's this - One should be themselves because life is too short!

Don't forget to follow her to watch her humour play out.

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