#KetchupTalks: DJ Gurbax talks about creating music, sharing a stage with global icons and finding success

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Take a look at what artist, and Producer, DJ Gurbax had to share about his journey so far in the field of music.

One may not always end up doing what they think they will. A lot of our favourite artists have shown us that. DJ Gurbax is another artist who walked the unexpected road to become something he did not expect at the beginning. Gurbax, who always loved music was exposed to a number of musical performances that opened up him up to the effect music can have on people. From listening to music passed on by friends or on the radio to actually witnessing incredible performances, he went on to learn more about songs to actually creating music. Apart from watching people dancing enthusiastically, he wishes to deliver peace to the people who listen to his music. It's this passion for music and his incredible talent that made him the first Indian Trap Artist who performed at Burning Man and featuring alongside Diplo on The Mushroom stage.

In an interesting chat, we learned about what inspires the globally-recognised artist, his aspirations and even some of the strangest comments he's ever received. Here are some excerpts from our conversation with Gurbax.

Check out what Gurbax had to share:

How did your journey begin?

"The first time I picked up an instrument seriously was in the months leading up to my 10th board exams. I remember spending more time playing the guitar than actually studying. It’s funny cause I used to hate electronic music back then. I lived in Bangalore & anyone who was here during the early-to-late 2000s knows that the city didn’t have much to offer in terms of musical diversity. We’d only get one or two big performing acts a year, so most of what I was exposed to was limited to what was on the radio or passed to me through friends – which was a lot of metal & classic/punk rock. It was only when I left to go to Atlanta for college when my mind started to unravel. I started going to a lot of shows & got introduced to bass music through artists like Pretty Lights, Griz, Bassnectar, Zeds Dead, Doctor P, Flux Pavillion, etc  - they totally changed my outlook on the possibilities within electronic music & made me do a total 360."

How has life changed for you post-fame?

"I definitely don’t consider myself famous enough to answer this question yet. Lol." 

What inspires your work?

"Imagining just 1 person out there in the world shed a happy tear & get some solace from my music."

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You’ve been a part of events and shared the same stage as some globally known artists. Do opportunities like these ever intimidate you or do they push you to take it to the next level?

"Both. That fear is the impetus & breeds the energy to push the envelope even higher."

Can you tell us how you feel about becoming the first Indian Trap Artist who performed at Burning Man and featuring alongside Diplo on The Mushroom stage?

"Honestly, it’s been the highlight of this year. The feeling of seeing my name on the same lineup as some of these artists whom I’ve looked up to for years is worth so unreal. I can’t even begin to explain it." 

How do you think the digital age is helping artists explore and develop their craft and get more visibility?

"Everything has its pros & cons. As a new artist if you have a good song – you don’t need anybody - there is so much democratization with platforms these days that your music can carry you & get you noticed without any of the ‘gatekeepers’ approval."

Is there one stage or event where you would love to perform?

"Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado USA" 

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How has lockdown impacted your professional life?

"90% of my income is from Live shows. I think performing artists are actually some of the worst affected amongst all professions since the premise of our entire livelihood hinges on getting tons of people packed into small spaces. I hope that things slowly crawl back to some level of normalcy." 

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing right now?

"Probably being a consultant at Capgemini since I actually interviewed there & got accepted (just to prove to my parents that I could do it haha)." 

Any message/tips for aspiring artists?

"Get inspired by multiple genres early in your music-making process. FINISH & RELEASE SONGS. Don’t only make what's 'hot' at the moment. Lastly, play the game but develop a style that feels authentic to you."

Here's how Gurbax reacted to our Quick 5 -

A new skill you’ve picked up during the lockdown?

Beard trimming 

One artist, you want to collaborate with?


Your favourite track at the moment?

Drake – Laugh Now Cry Later (ft. Lil Durk)

Weirdest or funniest comment you have ever received?

That somebody...umm...“pleasures themselves” to my music.

Which social media app do you spend the most time on?


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