Dogs can make everything better, can’t they? These dog videos are sure to make you feel 100 times better!

It’s difficult to keep your spirits high during this lockdown, especially when we’re running out of ways to keep ourselves entertained. But one thing that can turn your frown upside down is spending time on the explore section of Instagram. I was doing the same but food videos weren’t enough to cheer me up, I needed an extra dose of something happy and full of pure joy. So, obviously I searched for #dogsofinstagram and kept watching adorable dog videos for the next hour or so. Trust me, these pawfect creatures extremely addictive! Since these videos made me feel so much better on an otherwise low day, I’ve picked some of the cutest ones to share the joy with you guys!

Take a look at these cute dog videos and put your stress on pause:

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She was so confused! ? Via: @ michelleshaw76 on TikTok

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