Dogspotting: A Facebook Group dedicated to random dog encounters!

Mohammad Kanchwala
New Update

From movie and comic-book fan bases to people looking for places to live - Facebook Groups unite millions of like-minded people all over the world. One such peculiar Facebook Group, Dogspotting is devoted to the discovery and appreciation of randomly encountered dogs.

From the millions of Groups on Facebook, and among the odd 100 something Groups that I’m a part of, I must honestly admit, Dogspotting is my favourite. Now, this isn't just a place where you can post pictures of cute dogs found on the internet, or post vivid pictorial arguments of why YOUR DOG, or your family, friend or neighbour’s dog is the cutest. The very existence of Dogspotting is dedicated to sharing only and only 'impromptu dog encounters in people's everyday lives.’

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The longevity of mankind's obsession with dogs cannot be expressed enough and Dogspotting reaffirms that obsession. It is the group for every human being that changes the lane, or stops the car to look at, pet and love a dog that they just happened to see randomly.


Dogspotting runs on one major, and crucial rule: Do not post pictures of dogs you know.


The rest are just means of ensuring the top-most quality of randomly encountered furry angels that bring a delightful ray of sunshine into the lives of every single group member.

Dogspotting boasts of one of the widest libraries of fateful encounters and represents a worldwide community of 954K people!

Well, enough procrastination and here are some of my favourite and the most exceptionally good-est boys on the planet. From Pitbulls to fluffy Corgis, and Golden Retrievers to wild Huskies, here are some of the most precious and life-affirming Dog spots from the group that makes Facebook the place to be!

1. Any puppy is the best puppy. 


2. My God that face.....


3. A family that spots dogs together, is a family that I would apply to join. Dogspotting


4. Cloud is accurate. Dogspotting

5. Is this a drive-by Dogspotting? Dogspotting



7. Did anyone order a Large and Medium Frenchie? 


8. Two big floof woofers peeping out of a car window Dogspotting

9. Wook at my Teef hooman. WOOK!




11. Okay now you know. I have a thing for Corgis!Dogspotting12. Must carry Doggo in backpack in case of emergency petting and cuddle needs.


13. Oh Cheddar. Why you gotta make my heart explode like that <3Dogspotting

If these didn’t make you smile, I really don’t know what will! Dogspotting is THE BEST FACEBOOK PAGE EVER.

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