12 victims of the most recent Gordon Ramsay roast fest on Twitter

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Gordon Ramsay roasts

None of the knives are the sharpest object in the kitchen when Gordon Ramsay is in there, and of course, you knew that already. Gordon Ramsay roasts strangers’ food on the internet regularly and here are 12 unfortunate burn victims from the last time he put on his critique hat on.

Well, honestly the statement ' Gordon Ramsay roasts ' isn’t even factually correct because he obliterates your fragile self-confidence with verbal flamethrowers but I can’t even say these guys don’t deserve it.

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True, it has now become a thing to ironically ask Gordon Ramsay’s opinion on intentional horrible looking food, and it shouldn’t even come as a surprise but the man just knows his insults so well.

Gordon Ramsay roasts

Do you remember this absolute gem of an insult? So horribly mean and yet you can’t help but laugh at it.

So anyway, as he usually does a few times a month, Gordon Ramsay popped up on Twitter a couple days ago, and decided to take a casual stroll down his @Mentions. What transpired will NOT SHOCK YOU. But, you really need to check out these amazing and fresh new Gordon Ramsay roasts that make Twitter tolerable for me.

1. For once, I agree with him

Gordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts

2. Is it just me or he's actually gotten funnier

Gordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts

3. Is lunch going to be any better? 

Gordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts

4. That's one headline I could useGordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts

5. *Sighs*Gordon Ramsay roasts

Gordon Ramsay roasts6. Who put eyes in poo?

Gordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts7. UGH.Gordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts8. It looks 3 people spilled their meal into one plate!Gordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts9. Yeah let me just throw up.Gordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts10. Who cremated the sausages?Gordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts

Here are some bonus Gordon Ramsay gems from April. Because you deserve it.

Burn Number One. 

Gordon Ramsay roastsGordon Ramsay roasts

Burn Number Two Gordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts

Burn Number Three!Gordon Ramsay roasts Gordon Ramsay roasts

Every time Gordon Ramsay roasts someone, my coffee gets stronger (I haven't slept in days!)

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