Equality in a relationship? Let’s understand more about this concept through Dolly Singh’s latest video ‘Aunty Prem Hai?’

Falling in love is undoubtedly the most beautiful feeling ever. And falling in love with someone who cares for you genuinely is a completely different experience altogether. But, sometimes when there is betrayal and mistrust in a relationship, things can take an ugly turn and there is a sense of insecurity and a lot of bitterness that arises. So, how can we avoid these things? Why can’t two people in a relationship be true to each other? In today’s era where we see more and more relationships building online through social media platforms, it’s very difficult to gauge a person, and sometimes there’s no clarity on where it’s heading.

Dolly Singh, through her video on Instagram Aunty Prem Hai, teaches us that when a partner is responding we might just want to give them a bit of space. She talks about the concept of equality in a relationship and also about valuing the person we choose to love which is what’s usually missing in today’s relationships. What we really like about the video is the fact even though Lakshay is not her son, she gives him that much-needed pep talk and doesn’t blindly support him and it’s admirable!

We also like the video for the fact that it subtly slides the conversation of it’s okay to be gay. Opening up to parents can be difficult, but if tested waters, parents can be supportive and understanding. Dolly has portrayed the role of an understanding very well.

Watch this video to understand what we’re talking about!

Isn’t this video apt? It also teaches us that being insecure and looking for clarity in a relationship or constantly texting a person will never help. Instead, work on yourself, do something to discover yourself, and make an extra effort on yourself so you can take whatever is happening in your stride.

What did you like about this video?

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