Dolly Singh avatars that bring us full-on entertainment every single time

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Dolly Singh avatars

Here's taking a look at the most entertaining Dolly Singh avatars that we all love!

Dolly Singh is one of the most entertaining and loved Content Creators in India today. Her videos as South Delhi girls and Raju ki Mummy for iDiva brought her fame and since then the Creator has grown leaps and bounds. Her content is not just funny, it's engaging and enlightening too and she manages to tick all these boxes thanks to the various characters she's created ever since she became and independent Creator. Each one of these Dolly Singh avatars has its own peculiar qualities and traits which make us love them all of them even more.

Take a look at the entertaining Dolly SIngh avatars we love:

Raju ki mummy

Desi dad

Desi mom

Guddi bhabhi


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Aaj ye bhi zaruri hai!

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Which character do you like the most?

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