Pran, Indian electro-pop artist Ritviz’s 5th track from his album DEV features our every own Dolly Singh.

Indian music industry is on a roll, thanks to all the amazing artists who are making the best use of every platform. The rise in the number of independent artists has only proven the amount of talent that India has. This unimaginable number of new talent has opened up the palette of every music lover. We are introduced to new forms of music and we are loving it. Electro-pop artist Ritviz definitely tops the chart of independent artists in India. The artist released his latest song titled Pran and gave people a new song to jam to.

After ruling chartbusters and making it to every party and romantic playlist, dropped his latest song that talks about pure old-school love. The song Pran also happens to be the 5th track from his album DEV! The music video features none other than the internet’s favorite Dolly Singh. Dolly Singh’s addition to the music video only makes the whole song extra special. The song also features Nucleya for a brief cameo.

“I’m in the Ritviz’s Pran music video!! Aaj ek sapna pura hua hai thanks to this man! I’ve always loved his music so much and hence it was such an honour to be a part of his beautiful music video which was also his own debut! And he killed it. Ugh I’m so full right now, too many feels! But please go watch the video and tell me what you think,” wrote Dolly Singh in her Instagram post while sharing her excitement.

Watch the video here:

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