Dolly Singh committed a crime just like thousands of other Indian women

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Check out this amazing short film by Indian creator Dolly Singh on World Menstrual Day that shares a great message that everyone needs to know.

Isn't it ironic that the one word describing a phenomenon women undergo every month, 'Mensuration,' is a natural process, and yet it is prohibited to say it out loud? Even after years of the taboo and the struggle to get people to talk openly and freely about periods and menstruations, some feel like a long road ahead. Some Indian houses celebrate it when young girls get their first period welcoming the end of puberty. Despite the grand celebration, mothers start by explaining how it is something that is to be hidden and not talked about openly. It wouldn't be wrong if I said that if women can commit a crime, they are trained to cover their tracks. Carrying pads from the medical store or even in their house is the exact training I am talking about. But it is time that young girls are trained to own their periods and not shy away like there is something wrong with them. Creator Dolly Singh decided to share the same message with her latest short film, 'I Committed A Crime.'

The stress that a woman experiences when she is alone at home while her father comes around while she tries to get hold of a pad is the general gist of the short film. Dolly has tried to build up the suspense well with the acting while giving out a strong message. The video not only stands true to its message but also shows off the talent that the creator shares when it comes to storytelling. The video is exactly what everyone needs to see today, especially on World Menstrual Day. So, if you are bleeding today, get your ice cream, chocolates, and a pillow as you sit back and watch this amazing video.

Take a look:

Own your periods and be proud of being a woman! Stay safe!

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