Check out Dolly Singh’s throwback photos that took us back to our teenage years and all those memories.

What is online and ruins our day by popping up out of nowhere? Facebook memories. We have all been in the ‘cool’ phase taking random weird 45% angle selfies with an unwanted amount of filters. Those were the days! While kids today are gifted cell phones with three different cameras on the back and two on the front that capture pictures in HD, the 90s kids’ introduction to technology was different. We used phones that had one camera at the back that took the grainiest picture. And now when we look back at those pictures we don’t reminisce, instead, we’re left traumatized. And Dolly Singh’s throwback photos are a reminder of those years.

Most of it can also be blamed on our fashion. The famous millennial side parting went straight across our faces. Not to forget the long-sleeved t-shirt under a tank top and white belt. While most of us begin questioning our life choices when we come across those old photos, creator Dolly Singh has gladly shared them with her followers online. It is not every day that you come across your old pictures so when she found hers’s, she decided to share them with the world while remembering some of the things that every kid in 2010 might have done. Going to a cyber cafe, listening to the same downloaded songs on your phone, SMS packs, etc. As we get busy rushing through life, dealing with adult problems, maybe this post is something we needed to cherish and hold onto the good old days.

Her caption took us back to a lot of memories. Dolly wrote, “The year is 2010. You recently got a phone and your SMS pack is about to expire. You’re getting ready to leave for a cyber cafe you go to often claiming to finish a school project that requires ‘internet’ but all you do is hang around and write a sentimental status on your Facebook wall. You can’t believe Orkut is dead.
You pull out your colorful cheap Rs. 40 earphones and push them in your ears. There are 11/12 songs on your phone. But that’s ok since you only play one on loop.
Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever get out of the small town and live in the city. The thought only lasts a few seconds because you see a trail of monkeys coming your way so you ask an uncle to help you cross those naughty animals. Then you think if life for those monkeys was easier? Was or were? The English teacher said it should be ‘were’ right?
You reach the cafe, take a small corner cabin and sit down. You can hear some boys outside. Is your crush there too? You’re too shy to get up and check.
The boys leave soon.
Soon after do you because you only had enough money to pay for an hour.
You push the earphones back in, play the same song and come back home. And oh, you wear the shirt back before you enter the door.

Take a look:

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