In another episode of keeping up with the Verma’s, check out how Mr. and Mrs. Verma are playing it cool since the 70s and killing it on social media today.

Don’t teach your Gran how to do it! Almost everyone feels close to their grandparents. They are the ones who not only shower us with unconditional love but also try and protect us from our own parents. At some point, we’ve run to them when our parents started scolding us, because who can scold our parents if not their parents, right? Grandparents teach us, love us and give us everything we ask for. There is nothing more special than the bond we share with them. While they’re always labelled as social media virgins who have no idea about what their grandkids are up to all day on the phone, Instagram couple Mr and Mrs Verma are breaking this stereotype.

The two 76-year-olds are breaking the internet with their social media presence, and boy are we fans or what! If you thought that only kids dress themselves in their parent’s clothes, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Mr. and Mrs. Verma have taken over Instagram as they are elegantly styled in their granddaughter’s clothes. Their videos are fashion tutorials that we didn’t know we needed until we saw them.

Becoming the new face of ‘Budha hoga tera baap’, they’re trending today with their incredible videos. The couple who has been ‘playing it cool since the 70s’ is the couple goals we all need RN. Their videos are so adorable that they called us single in 100 different languages and we still can’t get enough of them.

Take a look:

What is the procedure to be this cool when we are in our 70s?

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