An Instagram account by the name, Dude with sign is making some interesting points and entertaining netizens with it!

How would you feel if you see a random guy in the crowd holding signs that read random life facts that we so wanted someone to speak about? Well, Seth, a man from Manhattan has taken to the streets with multiple declarations of thoughts that may or may not seem relevant but have crossed our minds at some point of time. He calls himself the Dude with sign. He decided to use cardboard as his canvas and let people know facts, and mind you, once you read these, you cannot unread them. They just stay with you. Well, he has caught the attention of people not just from the US but all over the world. So much so that people are now doing the same with their versions of thoughts they’ve wanted to say out loud. Wondering why? Well, keep scrolling!

Take a look at his posts here:

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