Our favorite royals of Cambridge, Prince William, and Catherine Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started a Youtube channel last week.

There aren’t too many royal families that understand the importance of maintaining a social media presence today. Thankfully, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aren’t one of them. Whether it’s about modernizing the monarchy or giving us a glimpse into what it’s like to carry such a heavy title, Prince William and Catherine Middleton launched a Youtube channel and took to Instagram to share this news via a video. This video highlights their casual banter with the Duke giving advice to Catherine about being careful with what she says since the cameras are filming and the Duchess suggesting that Prince William shouldn’t be rolling his Rs so much. Watching people in power do things that you and I do humanizes them and makes them so relatable,no? It’s like you’re suddenly seeing them in a different light.

This video of theirs plays the role of a teaser by giving us a glimpse of the royals of Cambridge at red carpets and charitable visits and was shared on their Youtube channel as well as Instagram. Their Instagram handle was also renamed to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from Kensington Palace. The royals are upping their social media game and we can’t say we’re not excited to know what their Youtube channel has in store for us!

Have a look!

You can subscribe to their Youtube channel here.

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