Make time for self-care with these easy yoga poses

Kritika Kukreja
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easy yoga poses

These easy yoga poses will help you feel good inside out during these testing times.

We're all doing our bit to flatten the curve of the dangerous Coronavirus pandemic in the world. But it's obviously not easy. Although some people are practicing baking, cooking or art in their homes, it is absolutely natural to feel stress and anxiety during these uncertain times. Since ancient days, Yoga has been practiced to relieve stress and relax the body and mind. In these times, it becomes crucial to keep our cool and our bodies healthy. Not just that, Yoga helps in stimulating blood circulation, correcting postural pains and improving concentration. So, here are some easy yoga poses that will help you relax and tune out the stress in no time. Your first reaction towards yoga might be that it is too slow or boring as compared to Zumba, aerobics, pilates and so on. But while the rest mainly target your physical fitness, yoga helps you take care of your mental well-being too.

Try these easy yoga poses at home to calm those nerves and feel better inside out:

1. Tadasana or Palm Tree Pose

Get the opportunity to stretch your whole body with the tadasana. It helps in increasing circulation to the extremities and aids digestion.

2. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose 

The perfect asana for back and postural pains. Bhujangasana addresses lower limb stiffness and corrects posture.

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3. Uttanasana or Forward Bending Pose 

This one helps to maintain flexibility and improves circulation.

4. Shavasana or Corpse Pose

If you're feeling anxious during these times, shavasana is here to help. It relieves stress and cures insomnia. It also increases concentration levels. Try out shavasana as you indulge in deep meditation for at least 15-20 minutes daily.

5. Baddha Konasana or Bound Angle Pose

This one helps you relax and relieves stress. It increases flexibility, helps in digestion and stimulates the bladder.

Indulge in some beneficial yet easy yoga poses to help you get through a tough time. It not only keeps you healthy, but is also a great stress reliever for your mind.

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