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Check out how Ekta Youtuber from Garden Up managed to move her house with all her 100 plants while giving tips to her fellow plantsmen.

A lot of you must have read about how to decorate your house or a specific corner with the perfect organic element - plants. Because they make for the most eco-friendly home decor that you can use to brighten up any dull area in your house. Owning and nurturing plants is an art in itself, a hobby that many of us enjoy and find to be extremely therapeutic. It gives us the ultimate satisfaction each time we dig and pot a plant! People are often confused about how they can manage and look after their plants. Luckily, there are YouTubers like Garden Up aka Ekta who are using this platform to share their insight and knowledge on dealing with all things plants.

Despite the lack of space which is one major issue that every Mumbaikar faces, we try to fill our houses with this green beauty. Youtuber and plant blogger, Ekta aka Garden Up's latest video on how to move your plants while you move your house is the video that every plant lover needs. Ekta is a researcher and an entrepreneur who has studied Ecology. From soil nutrient dynamics in the forests of southern India to sustainable farming practices among communities in the Himalayas, she has spent her life understanding it all.

In her video, Ekta explains how she managed to transport all of her 100 plants to a new place. She divided the challenges that she faced while transporting into simple segments and talked about how she packed the plants, carried them, how to plan for the future, do damage control and the basic lessons that she learnt in the process. The video is a one-stop guide for every plant lover to understand the dynamics of how they can move their babies without causing much damage to them. After all, the joy we experience while planting is unmatched and surreal.

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