10 Eleanor Wong outfits from Never Have I Ever that make her the most vibrant GenZ character

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10 Eleanor Wong outfits from Never Have I Ever that make her the most vibrant GenZ character

We love these Eleanor Wong outfits from Never Have I Ever that made her one of the best dressed characters on the show!

When you have a knack for something, you'd do anything to keep up with it. Growing up, I have always admired women's clothing and when I say admired, I mean I used to wear them a lot! Today we see so many people sharing their OOTDs online that it makes us want to dress up like them; whether it's knitted crochet or head to toe glam, there's not a single piece of clothing that we don't want to try out at least once. Shows like Next in Fashion, Making the Cut and Never Have I Ever have raised our expectations so much that everything else seems basic. Case in point - most of Eleanor Wong outfits from Never Have I Ever.

Eleanor is one of Devi's best friends who is passionate about acting, fashion and drama. Besides being a great friend, Eleanor is a goof ball with outfits just like a teen goddess. NGL, Devi and other characters in the show also had good outfits but Eleanor just knows how to blend her fits with her personality. You might wear a certain outfit and slay it but it's the way you carry it that's gonna make you look like an Instagram model. From crochet sweaters and crop tops to floral print dresses, there's not one outfit on the show that she hasn't worn and nailed perfectly.

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Here's a fashion spread of Eleanor’s fabulous fits!

Eleanor and I are signing a petition to bring back chunky hairbands.


Season 4 Episode 1

This on-shoulder ensemble really showed off her personality.


Season 4 Episode 2

If the beads fit you, your day is gonna be flowery.


Season 4 Episode 3

Eleanor really knows how to nail college fair fits.


Season 4 Episode 4

Only Eleanor knows how to party in business casual.


Season 4 Episode 5

Alexa play Boss Bitch by Doja Cat.


Season 4 Episode 6

When life gives Eleanor lemons, she'll make an outfit out of it!


Season 4 Episode 7

High school is all about books, parties, pots and Eleanor's flower dress.


Season 4 Episode 8

Did someone say promposal?


Season 4 Episode 9

The early graduate queen with not your basic fits!


Season 4 Episode 10

Which of these Eleanor Wong outfits is your absolute favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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