In order to honour elephants who have suffered through captivity or worse and to avoid cruelty against them in the future, India builds its first Elephant Memorial.

While Indian as a country is known to worship, admire and adore animals, there’s no denying the grave incidents of animal cruelty, captivity, and poaching which exist here. In order to honour Elephants who’ve been subject to such plight, Wildlife OSO has established an Elephant Memorial in Mathura, India. Besides honouring those beautiful creatures who’ve already lost their lives, the memorial represents the cruelty Elephants have to suffer and highlights why it is important for us to ensure the others don’t have to go through the same.

Take a look at the inauguration of the Elephant Memorial:

Elephants who are part of our wonderful ecosystem, go through a lot. While some admire them, others cause trouble in their lives. In circuses, at celebrations, they are adorned with heavy costumes and made to entertain people. They also fall prey to trafficking, cruelty, and abuse. This memorial aims at honoring and remembering the lives of such amazing animals. 20 miles from the Taj Mahal, this memorial has stone boulders and black granite plaques with the names of some elephants, who suffered this fate, engraved on them.

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PLEASE HELP THE PRECIOUS FOUR REGAIN THEIR FREEDOM! Sign the petition @wildlifesos – We have been fighting for the welfare of wildlife for more than 20 years. In this time, we’ve witnessed unspeakable cruelty and abuse toward birds, reptiles, and mammals. We’ve seen ruthlessness and greed take many forms, but we were emotionally unprepared for what happened today. Today the Precious Four were forcibly taken from us and sent back to the circus. They have gone back to a life of spiked chains, neglect, and cruelty. We don't understand how this could happen. Their bodies show the scars of decades of mistreatment. There are laws in place to protect these elephants. We were ready and able to give them lifetime freedom and care. Yet this was not enough to protect them from their abusers. Although this is perhaps our darkest day, we will fight until the Precious Four are free once again — permanently free. If you are wondering how you can help… please sign the petition and get it distributed. Petition link in bio. #stopanimalcruelty #savethepreciousfour #signthepetition #makeadifference #takeastand #savingelephants #circuselephants #performinganimals #animalabuse #preciousfour

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This great initiative will hopefully raise more awareness around stopping animal cruelty.