Check out how Mr. Glass and his Comics fantasy turned him into an iconic super villain

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Mr Glass

Here's how Samuel L Jackson's villain character from M Night Shyamalan's movie Unbreakable as Elijah Prince aka Mr Glass gave us a villain who is fond of comics and superheroes.

Comics are one thing that interest everyone alike. It is something that does not come with an age limit. They manage to take us to an alternate universe irrespective of our age. We all wish to be part of the comic world, saving and protecting others like our favourite superheroes. These superheroes teach us to be good while the villains show us how we should not be. Elijah Prince aka Mr. Glass, from M Night Shyamalan's movie Unbreakable, was one character who found himself every intrigued by comics to the level that he went on to believe that he is part of it. But, only to realise that he is the bad guy.

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Elijah is an interesting character. He is sophisticated, intelligent, quite knowledgable in the field of his liking and a smart human being. He is so smart, he could easily memorise the blueprint of mental health facility he was kept in. Elijah can easily make a statement in a crowd with his long Matrix-like purple coat and walking stick made of glass. He established himself as someone who helps David Dunn, find answers to all the questions and sadness he feels in his life. He helps him realise his strength and potential. Elijah is obsessed with comics and takes them very seriously, we know that when a customer willing to pay a high price for a comic sketch is shunned off because he was buying it for his son and not for the artistic importance of it. He believes that Superheroes is based on people like him and their stories.

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Despite all his brilliance, there is a sense of anger inside him that turns him into a supervillain/terrorist. He suffers from a rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta where his bones break easily making him a common prey to bullying when he was a child. It was this condition that got him his name, Mr. Glass. There is very less that he believes in, but when he does he invests himself completely into it. Going behind the criminal in order to help David that landed him on a wheel-chair proves just that. Making David believes that he has some kind of superpower that shows us how dedicated he can be.

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The character was portrayed by Samuel L Jackson, who ironically plays Nick Fury who is a vital part of the Marvel Comics. Samuel Jackson is regarded as the greatest actor of this generation and has been part of some of the highest-grossing movies of all time. Marvel movies, Jurrasic Park, Star Wars saga, Tarantino movies, you name it and he has played a pivotal part in these movies. Samuel has also been part of some Television shows and series. He is known for his personality on and off-screen giving out his opinions on major issues. With his own charity foundation to help support child education, he plays a major role in social services.

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Here are some of the iconic dialogues by Mr. Glass:

"You know what the scariest thing is? To not know your place in this world. To not know why you're here... That's... That's just an awful feeling."

"So many sacrifices, just to find you."

"Now that we know who you are, I know who I am. I'm not a mistake! It all makes sense! In a comic, you know how you can tell who the arch-villains going to be? He's the exact opposite of the hero. And most times they're friends, like you and me! I should've known way back when... You know why, David? Because of the kids. They called me Mr Glass."

" You could have been a tax accountant. You could have owned your own gym. You could have opened a chain of restaurants. You could've done ten thousand things, but in the end, you chose to protect people. *You* made that decision, and I find that very, very interesting."

"It's hard for many people to believe that there are extraordinary things inside themselves, as well as others. I hope you can keep an open mind."

"It's alright to be afraid, David, because this part won't be like a comic book. Real-life doesn't fit into little boxes that were drawn for it."

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