Elon Musk tweeted his preference of a scandal name in a punny way and this caused a spur of memes on Twitter.

If you follow tech billionaire Elon Musk on Twitter, then you’re probably aware of the unique kinds of posts he often shares and how a piece of news is created just after it. From witty tweets to sharing news, capturing happy moments with his son, or announcing a new project. Each and every tweet of his is unique in his own style and picks up like wildfire on social media. His recent post is no different at all and it has a pun-tastic twist to it. In his post, he joked about what people should call him in case there is a scandal about him.

Here’s what he tweeted:

Now, did it not make you titter? Well, then You’re not alone in this. Many people commented on the post saying how the tweet made them laugh out loud. And many started the series of memes after the tweet. Doing exactly what Musk’s tweet asks them to do, elongate him. The original tweet has gathered nearly 621.3 lakh likes and 47.7k retweets but the numbers are quickly increasing. Here is how the fest of memes looks like after Musk’s tweet.


His last post about a photo of him and Jeff Bezos having a meal together 17 years ago also went completely viral. Which one of this tech billionaire’s witty posts made you go LOL?

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