7 Endangered Destinations You Should Visit Before They Disappear Due To Climate Change

Kritika Kukreja
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7 endangered destinations you should visit now because they disappear due to climatic change. Check out which ones from your bucket list are on here.

The world is a beautiful place, but with climate change on the rise closing in, certain destinations are beginning to get endangered. Not only are they losing their charm, but they are simply struggling for survival. Here a list of endangered destinations you should travel to before climate change makes it impossible for you to do so.

Here are 7 endangered destinations you should visit now because they might soon disappear due to climatic change -

1. Taj Mahal, India

Belonging to the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is known for its elegance and beauty. But due to industrialization of the surrounding areas and pollution, the white marble of the Taj Mahal is deteriorating.


2. Venice, Italy

Known as the most romantic location since ancient times, Venice is on the brink of extinction. Due to rise in water levels, the canals are getting flooded and the popular Gondola rides might be coming to a stop. So visit it before the beautiful city is submerged!


3. The Alps, Europe

This one will come as no surprise! The picturesque ice-capped mountains of the Alps are disappearing at the rate of 3% every year. Being the most popular destination for winter sports, the Alps are estimated to disappear completely by 2050!


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4. The Sundarbans, India & Bangladesh 

The Sundarbans are probably the richest area in India and Bangladesh when it comes to flora and fauna. It houses rich Mangrove forests along with some of the most endangered species of animals in the world. Due to deforestation, climate change and dependency on fossil fuels, this area is being eroded at a rapid rate.


5. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia 

Being the largest living reef system in the world, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia stretches over 344,400 square kilometres and it is where you can experience the wonderful underwater world. Due to increasing temperatures, it is estimated that 60% of the Great Barrier Reef will disappear by 2030.


6. The Amazon Forest, Brazil 

Covering most of Brazil and stretching into the South American countries, the Amazonian forest is the world's largest rainforest and supplies 20% of the world's oxygen. The recent wildfire, deforestation and climate change is damaging the forest at an alarming rate.


7. French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean

These dreamy islands are the perfect destination to take a holiday! But these low-lying islands are disappearing due to rise in sea levels. By the end of the century, these islands might complete disappear off the face of the Earth. So, if you're planning to visit Bora Bora or Tahiti, you better make plans now!


It was in August this year that the world lost its first Icelandic glacier due to climate change. The loss of more massive masses of ice across the globe has scientists worried too. It's a tough fight against climate change, and it's very real! Soon it will start affecting our lifestyles, existence and not just our vacation spots.

Which of these endangered destinations are on your bucket list too?

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