You’ll love these songs if you enjoyed watching, listening and grooving to Butta Bomma!

India is a melting pot of cultures and art and one of the best things to come out of it is the different kinds of content that leave us entertained. Today, in particular, we’re talking about upbeat South Indian numbers that make the perfect additions to any party playlist! And one song that caught everyone’s attention and even became a trend on TikTok earlier in 2020 has crossed 450 million views on YouTube. Yes, it’s the peppy and entertaining song, Butta Bomma (you sang it in your head while reading this, didn’t you?) Well, if you enjoyed Butta Bomma as much as or more than we did then we’re sure you’ll love this mix of new and iconic songs too!

Take a look:

Butta Bomma

Rowdy Baby

Jimikki Kammal



Naakka Mukka

Aa Ante

Selfie Pulla

Hey Pillagaada


Maari Gethu

Daddy Mummy

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