These environmentally-themed movies and documentaries should be on everyone's watchlist to understand value

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environmentally-themed movies and documentaries

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Check out these environmentally-themed movies and documentaries where nature played the protagonist to understand the value of the environment and climate change. Don't miss out!

With ever-increasing environmental hazards, the need of valuing mother nature is of prime importance. Discussing these issues from the medium of movies and documentaries has become a hot topic globally. From some being the adaptations of climate hazardous incidences to some being futuristic and rising the alarming question, these movies have a lot to stir conversation and give all of us the food for thought.

Trust us, the information we have of the climate crisis the world is dealing with is just the tip of an iceberg. Watch through these environmentally-themed movies and documentaries to understand the value and urgency humankind has to show to save all this we have for future races.

We have curated a mix bag of fiction, non-fiction environmentally-themed movies and documentaries for you

Into the Okavango - Disney + Hotstar

Seaspiracy - Netflix

Mission Blue - Netflix

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret - Netflix

Our Planet - Netflix

A Plastic Ocean - Netflix

Chasing Coral - Netflix

David Attenborough - Life on Planet Earth - Netflix

Tum Mile - YouTube

Kedarnath - Zee 5

Into The Wild - Amazon Prime Video

Before The Flood - YouTube

The Human Element - YouTube

Kadwi Hawa - YouTube

Do tell us in the comments about the movies you have watched and appreciated. If you have any suggestions to add to the list please write to

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